Maritimo Families: Gone Fishing! 01

Maritimo Families: Gone Fishing!

What do you think of when you think of a Maritimo yacht? Do you think of long distance luxury cruising in impeccable Bill Barry-Cotter design? Maybe you think of relaxing and sunning in the warmth of an exotic destination. All valid reasons to own a Maritimo.

When some think of their Maritimo, they think of family, fun, and hanging a sign saying: Gone Fishing!

Whether salmon fishing in Alaska, or battling Blue Fin Tuna off the coast of southern California these two long time owners have been hooked by their Maritimos and fishing with family and friends.

Hubble Family Maritimo 500 Offshore Convertible

Maritimo 500 Offshore Convertible

Chris and Christan Hubble hail from the port of Anchorage, Alaska and own “Truant” their Maritimo 500 Offshore Convertible. Anytime from May through September is prime salmon fishing season in Alaska, and chances are you may find the Hubble family reeling in some Red, Pink, Silver or King Salmon.

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Maritimo Families: Gone Fishing! 04
Verheyen Family Maritimo M52


The Verheyen family are also long time Maritimo owners. Back in 2008 we posted a story about a trip with their then new Maritimo M52. Here we are ten years later with father Captain Ken Verheyen and (gaffer) son, Davis Verheyen abord the Pura Vida catching Pacific Blue Fin Tuna with Balboa Angling club members, Rob Boyer, Tom Bass, and gaffer, Drew Lawler.

Pura Vida: Davis Verheyen
Ken & Davis Verheyen: Gone Fishing!